Our Services

To cope with various needs of clients in different business nature and industries, we provide diversified consultancy services in different areas:

  • Microsoft Office 365 Cloud Mail Management and Mail System Migration Services
  • Public and Private Cloud Storage
  • Out-sourced IT Management Services
  • Network Infrastructure Consultation and Implementation
  • WIFI Network Infrastructure Implementation
  • Security Measurement and Deployment
  • Project Management

We aim at providing pertinent consulting services and working closely with our clients’ management to acquire specification on operations, in order to offer all-round system plans and training services, which avoid delay in systems implementation schedule.

With our service, you can

  1. control cost – hiring and training IT employees can be both time consuming and expensive. By outsourcing, you can convert fixed cost into variable costs. You only pay for what you use when you need it.
  2. drive more business – with better cost control, you can spend your budget more wisely and have a stronger focus in driving business.
  3. leverage our professionalism – your IT employees may not know it all. You can enjoy broad range of collective expertise of our IT team who have experience in lots of small to large scale projects across various industries and regions.
  4. keep up with technology – we will advise you on the best technology for your business and industry. We know what is good and what is not. This saves you from wasting time and money on wrong decision.

If you already have your IT team, we can assist you in areas that cannot be covered internally.